Saturday, July 16, 2005

Me, Me, Me?

I was looking around this star wars web page and found pictures of me! I even have my own calender ! This is not a very good picture of me but it works. I have my own trading card!

Speaking of trading cards I went to the movie rental store yesterday. I bought "Shall We Dance", "Taxi", and "Cellular' and some Star Wars trading cards. I got seven cards 1. Anakin Skywalker (Mace wanted this one for some reason) 2. Chancellor Palpatine(which I burned later) 3. Mace vs. Palpatine 4. General Grievous (ugly as usaul) 4. Some other boring ones 5. A sticker of the jedi symbol (which is awesome). Last night I tried to watch shall we dance? but I fell asleep. bye!


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Life in Black and White

Well, I tried to get on but Padme said Anakin was overloading the plugs, so I couldn't.

So what do you think of Windus new dog? Jeri souds kinda like a girl name though. Plus hes goes under Yodas bed, and thats crazy. Who knows whats under there!?!? And he chased that cat from the dark side. Hope he didn't get rabies or something.

Padme was telling everyone what color their blog should be and I said "yeah, well, me, I'm not really into pink". That wasn't even the color she told me, she said "Sabe, you're so right about pink! I think you're more of a deep colour person! Like red or navy!". So, what do you think, should I change the color? Green, Black, and purple are really my favorite colors. Got any suggestions?


Monday, July 04, 2005


I was just...uh... browseing though some old pics of mace and look at this one:

Woah. I never knew Mace had any biker friends. So maybe he wasn't such a girlyman in the old days? or are you guys watchin a chic flick?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

War of the Worlds

I'm going to see War of the worlds with Mace today. I was going to invite Aayla but she went and saw it with Obi-wan. She does everything with him now and it's not fair. And Mace just so you know it is not a date, so don't get any ideas. Right now I am watching Jurrasic Park 2. It's totally awesome, even though I don't remeber the first one. Well, does anyone want to come with us to see War of the worlds?!?! Cuz I'll need some help keeping an eye on Mace.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Aaylas Sleepover

That party was awesome! I don't really know what happened to Padme but I think she ended up sleeping in the guest room (Most likely with Anakin). I got so hungry so I went to the kitchen and guess what, there was this huge thing of fudge on the counter, my favorite food. I figured it was Windus and no one else whould want any so I ate it all. Well then I went back to the living room and it ended up most people were asleep, so I sat down and started to watch Titanic, which is my favorite movie by the way. I kept feeling some one was watching me, so I turned around and almost screamed. JarJar was sitting on the bottom of the fish tank watching Titanic too. Then, like in the middle of the movie, Mace walks in and's like "Why are you watching Titanic?" and so I told him that it's my favorite movie and he's like "Mine too!". Then he's like "Do you know where all that fudge went?" and I told him I ate all of it cuz it's my favorite food, and he's like "Wow, mine too". So then he says hes going to should me some lightsaber moves, and when he pulls out his lightsaber it's purple! My favorite color! It was soooo creepy, us having so much in common. Mace ended up losing his bear. Sorry bud, I looked, every where and only found aalya hangin up in her closet.


Oh, bye the way, I think Leia has it Mace.