Friday, October 28, 2005


Man, I hate you Mace...

10 years ago I...
~still a virgin
~was 20 pounds lighter
~not in angermangement class
~had a pet kangroo named fernando
~didn't like fluke

5 years ago I...
~was 10 pounds lighter
~was going out with Ewan McGregor
~still had a pet kangroo
~lived with padme
~STILL a virgin

1 year ago...
~was 5 pounds lighter
~killed Ewan McGregor
~my kangaroo exploded
~still able to sleep without having nightmares about kangaroos
~sleeping with the Crocodile Hunter

Yesterday I was...
~1 pound lighter
~working on angermangement
~signing up for weight watchers
~flirting with fluke
~got a new kangaroo and named it fernando jr.

5 snacks I enjoy the most...
~potato chips
~ice cream
~chocolate kangaroos

5 songs...
~the kangroos go marching
~twinkle twinkle kangaroo
~row, row, your kangaroo
~Sabe had a little kangaroo
~the itsy bitsy kangaroo

5 places to run away to...
~Flukes house
~My kangroos pouch
~Padmes house
~the bottom of my closet with...

5 things you'll never see me wear...
~kangaroo fur
~a condom
~a bra(except for fluke)
~the outfit leia wore in Return of the Jedi

Biggest joys in life...
~Junk food

Favorite toys...



Monday, October 10, 2005


ok... my computer has been being a butthead and now its finally working....

Now I can't remeber much about that last post but I'm pretty sure I was just having a big problem with PMS. But either way, I am totally over mace and me and Ti are friends again. Plus I'm interested I'm some one else now I think. *cough*

I'm having a lot of trouble in anger management if you didn't notice. I failing with a 66. So if anyone whould like to help, that whould be great. *cough* Oh, by the way, I thought when the assinment in class about killing someone and it being legal was true, oops, sorry. (go to to see what I'm talking about)

If you didn't notice I am getting sick and sound a lot like greivous. Which sucks becuse I think I remember having plans on friday. Oh yes! Now I remember! I'm going to see Elizabeth town with Aalya (who now thinks shes to "cool" to talk to any of us)(even though she isn't cool at all, right...).

Well I've gotta go now. I think I'm about to *cough*, *cough*, *cough*.....