Saturday, December 31, 2005

Try This:

I know I'm coping you Fluke, but you'll get over it.

01] I _____ Sabé.
02] Sabé is _____.
03] If I were in a room with Sabé, I would _____.
04] I think Sabé should _____.
05] Sabé needs _____.
06] I want to _____ Sabé.
07] Someday Sabé will ___.
08] Sabé reminds me of _____.
09] Without Sabé _____.
10] My memories of Sabé are _____.
11] Sabé can be _____.
12] The worst thing about Sabé is _____.
13] The best thing about Sabé is _____.
14] I am _____ with Sabé.
15] One thing I would like to know about Sabé is _____.
16] Sabé should go and _____.
17] Sabé _____ me.
Use this link and read this story. It's... interesting. You can just push Ctl-F and search Sabe if you don't wanna read it all.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Brand New...

Please look at the post below if you did not read it yet!!!
Just recently I have changed my eye color [and a few other things] and it seems Fluke has been the only one to notice. Although he seemed a little surprised when I said I changed my eye color with contacts. He’s so weird some times. Some people are under the impression that I changed my hair, well I didn’t. I had something done I sure, because I have scars I don’t seem to remember. I’m not sure when it happened but I remember falling asleep on Wednesday, and when I woke up it was Friday. If anyone has any information about these “scars” please call me.
This might help:

I also got Neutral on that quiz of Flukes, and I didn't cheat, so there.

Kangaroo Problems: PART 1

Hey, now I'm really sorry it takes me so long to post, but it’s not my fault. Ever since I moved out of Padmes house my computer doesn't work over have the time. So if I have to hear one more complaint from anyone were going to have some problems!!!

Ok, well today we've had some problems already. Well, you all probably remember my pet kangaroo. Well today he came hoping into the kitchen while I was making some brownies for Shaak Ti, because we still haven’t been on best terms lately, and he dropped a pair of what looked like Christmas boxers with reindeer on them. So I picked them up and saw there was a name on them. It read MACE WINDU, now why he has his name in his boxers I don't care to know, but the fact they were at my house is even more mysterious. So I looked down at Fernando and it turned out he was gone! So then I went searching for him all over the house. Turns out I found him in the Laundry room looking though a huge pile of clothes. From the looks of it none of them were mine. They looked very similar to Mace, Aalyas, and Flukes clothes. So I said "Where did you find all these clothes Fernando?” And I think he could tell this did not make me happy because he started to hop away as fast as he could. "FERNANDO! GET YOUR LITTLE KANGAROO BUTT IN HERE NOW!!!" and he is a pretty smart kangaroo, so he figures its time to go back to Padmes from a while, just till mommy calms down, so he starts over there.

So as I'm cleaning up all his mess I get a phone call. And the phone just happens to be on the other side of the house. So I get up, mumbling thing you all don’t usually here me say, to get the *dang* phone. And when I answer it guess who it is, Padme. "Do you happen to know why a certain kangaroo has been standing at my front door for half a hour waiting for someone to come out?" she asks. "Ummmmm.... no." I say. "Well would you mind coming and picking him up?" she asks again. "Yes, I would" I reply. "AND WHY IS THAT?!?!" she yells. "BECAUSE THAT CERTIAN KANGAROO WAS JUST FOUND IN MY LANDRY ROOM WITH THE INTIRE CONTENTS OF MACE, AALYA, AND FLUKES CLOSETS!!!" I yell back. "Oh...” So we figure Mr. kangaroo isn’t going to tell us anything so we decide that he will stay with her till I get the mess cleaned up and can come back afterwards.” Call when your done" Pad says. Alright. So we hang up and I get back to cleaning, when all of a sudden... there’s a knock on the door....
:) Sabé out :)