Monday, January 30, 2006

New picture.

Did anyone notice my new cape? Don't you just loooooove it?

Love, SABE


10 things I hate about you...

Since I'm to lazy to make 10 for you all all 10 of you get 1!

1. Fluke- Nothing! <3
2. Mace- Your stupid & should die. (see last comments)
3. Padme- You look just like me. Not I look like you, but you look like me.
4. Yoda- Too many reasons.
5. Anakin- Just because.
6. Obi wan- Because you remind me of someone I don't like very much...
7. Shaak Ti- Because you left Mace all alone. (Is that even a bad thing?)
8. Siri- No reason...
9. Leia- You kissed fluke, even though thats really gross.
10. Aayla- Because your blue.