Tuesday, June 28, 2005

~First Day of Blogging~

This is Sabe', padme's decoy, so I pretty much get to sit there and listen to her talk about her freakin hair and stupid nails. It's a me, me, me, to her, and she rarely talks of anything else. And the worst is that I could die just pretending to be her!

Although there are good things too. I get to be treated like a queen, which is to be expected, and hear all the best gossip.

Today was all about tatoos and some other stuff. I wasn't pretending to be her, so I didn't have to pay attention. (Which is a relief cuz tatoos are sooooo ugly)[which padme' said earlier today]. But padme' said this really awesome speach and I was amazed, I didn't know she know such big words!

Well padme's going on a shopping spree so I have to go with her.

So long, don't miss me too much!